The Ramp Man Storybook

In the spring of 2012 elementary school teacher Logan Anderson (Luke's sister), grade 6 students at Summit Heights Public School and Principal Thelma Sambrook produced a storybook called The Ramp Man. Inspired by a live presentation that Luke performed at their school, grade 6 students helped illustrate the book while Logan and Thelma collaborated on the story.

The Ramp Man takes young readers through the life of Luke Anderson who was 24 years old when his life changed forever after sustaining a spinal cord injury while mountain biking in the interior of British Columbia. The story tells how Luke found himself in a world not well designed for someone that uses a wheelchair and how his optimism, perseverance and hope help tackle the barriers he encounters. The Ramp Man reminds us that together we can face challenges, break barriers and create communities that everyone can enjoy being a part of.

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