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For more information about the Community Ramp Project, the Ramps on Request program, and School Presentations please contact Luke Anderson at the e-mail address listed belowWe look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hey! I love your project! I teach an elementary physical elementary program at Deer Park public school and am looking to get an activist edge going in my class. Specifically I was thinking of solving an accessibility problem I've noticed at The Children's Book Bank here in Toronto. I'm taking my kids there in a couple of weeks and thought it would be nice to either solve their 5-stair barrier before or after our visit. Do you have any tips? Is there funding for the materials? I've got tools and a place to build but would love to be a part of your initiative.


  2. Your idea and execution of this project is the temporary solution to overcome many examples of early old school non-accessible architecture in my community. I can't wait to begin further work on it here in Prince George BC. Over the hat I am wearing for this post this is not just for MS, everyone of any ability will be able to enjoy all my community has to offer in 2015. Kudos on everything accomplished so far, looking forward to updating you more of our progress and eventual execution sometime prior to the games in 2015!

    Ken B

  3. can these ramps be used at a private residence?

  4. Are these ramps for residential use also?

  5. In our opinion a step is worthy of a ramp no matter where it's located! Feel free to be in touch about having a custom ramp built for your home!

  6. Hello,

    My name is Simone and I am a student at Ryerson University in the Disability Studies program. I am presently completing my final thesis research paper and my topic is accessibility in my community. I live in Ottawa and my community is the Glebe. I have read through your 'getting started' recommendations and would like to bring forth the ramp program to the area.

    HOWEVER... I have got little to no support from the BIA, and am wondering if you have any recommendations in regards to approaching them with this subject.

    Do you know of anyone in Ottawa or Ottawa area that might have started this initiate and have had a positive outcome? Have you heard of communities being completely against the project?

    I thank you in advance for any advice or information you might be willing to divulge!!!

  7. Email I had similar notions "The Wright Step" but since you broke the mould we should talk

  8. I love the idea.
    Can you make them "grippier", though?
    Because when they get covered with snow/ice, they're extremely slippery, with no traction.

  9. can the ramp be built or 4 steps max?

  10. The owners of the building where I live have made attempts to contact you by you various
    e-mails and have had no response try to be a little more professional.

    The reason they are attempting to contact you is
    because I was the one brought it to there attention the need for a
    ramp at the apartment building where I live.

    1. Hello Conrad,

      I'm sorry to hear it about this unfortunate communication hiccup. If you could kindly forward me the contact information for the owners of your building I will be sure to be in touch with them. Please send along my sincere apologies for this delay.

      Best regards,


  11. I walked past a few of your ramps on College St this weekend. I am in need of a small ramp (one step) for my home. Can I purchase one of your ramps?

  12. If you already have a staircase in your home, you may want to give it a quick look just to see what kind of condition the railings may be in. If you have an older home, you may not have ever even given this much thought, but odds are that you will notice that there may be some things that are loose or broken and should probably be replaced. Unless you are experienced in this type of work, it is always best to bring a professional in to make sure everything is done up to code and is safe and secure, besides looking nice.
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  13. very cool idea .Ever considered sponsorships to make them on a mass basis??