Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have Ramp - Will Enter

Although not a permanent solution to the three steps at 19 Duncan St. (where Michael, Laura and I work) the folding ramp does the trick. We see this option as a great cost-effective means for cash-strapped businesses to offer a level of barrier free access most with a similar storefront may not have realized was possible. Spread the word. Make it your mission this weekend to get a business in your neighborhood to invest in a simple ramp, a homemade plywood ramp works just as well and can be left outside during business hours. Shed some light on the fact that a ramp makes life easier
for everyone. video

Uhhhhh... amazing...??

It might not be the most sexy design we have come across but the owners of this butcher shop on the Danforth have come up with a real nifty way of enabling themselves to work behind the counter and open the door for patrons... at the same time! Truly fantastic! Yes... that's a rubber chicken.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stop|Gap Map

Our Stop|Gap Map is ready to build!

The intent is to pin point places and spaces in our built environment that have provided universal access to their services or identify places where a solution for access is possible with some positive encouragement.,-79.387529&spn=0.011116,0.021458&z=16

Green pins mean: Go (Fully Accessible)
Yellow pins mean: Caution (Accessible with Assistance)
Red pins mean: No Go (Not Accessible - For Now!)

Our reviews are meant to be polite, positive and constructive as we aim to partner with our neighbours to transform our neighbourhoods into a place where we all have access to the spaces, goods and services we desire.