Monday, October 20, 2014

Aaron Broverman from Now Magazine on The Community Ramp Project

Last week was a great week for media attention! The Community Ramp Project was featured on CBC News AND we had the chance to speak with Aaron Broverman from Now Magazine! Thank you Aaron for putting together such a great story, we are super grateful for the opportunity to share what we are up to these days with such a huge audience.

Here is Aaron's story:

Monday, October 13, 2014

CBC's Lucy Lopez on The Community Ramp Project

We had the incredibly fortunate opportunity to meet with CBC's Lucy Lopez in Kensington market on Thursday last week to talk about The Community Ramp Project and the need to design with everyone in mind in order to create a society free of physical barriers. It was great to hear David Lepofsky's (chair of the AODA alliance) point of view on the matter as well. He supports our efforts but, like us, believes that change needs to start happening from the provincial level. Here is the link to the story that aired tonight on CBC this evening:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Steveston BC Community Ramp Project!!

We received a gem of a tweet today informing us about the launch of a Community Ramp Project in the small fishing port just outside of Vancouver! Check out this article that appeared in the local community paper today! Click here for the article.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Annex and College Street Community Ramp Project

Last weekend we hit another community ramp project home run, an out of the park grand slam in fact. In three days we built, painted, and delivered a record-breaking 48 ramps for businesses in Toronto's Annex and College Street neighbourhoods between Bathurst and Spadina. There are so many amazing people and organizations to thank and we confirmed that old saying 'many hands make light work' - in just over five hours we had built and primed 48 ramps! Craziness!

Huge thanks and appreciation goes out to the following people for their hard work and dedication to pushing our awareness raising efforts to an entirely new level:

Shera and Tommy Weiler
Martha Miller
Veronika Lukacs
Henna Tuohimaa
Daniel Descalzi
Emily Macrae
Eric Smart
Nataleigh Gooden
Kate Peters
Logan Anderson
Alanna Julian
Michelle Molubi
Ruth Kapelus
Sam Walsh
Thelma Sambrook
Trevor Little
Bill Kealey
Steve Gray
Chris Phillips
Conor Malloy
Martha Malloy - and friend Jessica
Teresa Miller
Nestor and the Rona volunteer crew

The following organizations were instrumental in making this community ramp project the huge success that it was:

Greening Homes
Rona Stockyards 
Little Landscapes
Dixon Hall
Steam Whistle Brewery
Kensington Organic Bakery
Burrito Boyz College Street
El Furniture Warehouse
Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs

Check out these great action shots!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another Great Article on The Haliburton County Ramp Project!

Angelica Blenich from The Echo in Haliburton County wrote this great piece on the latest ramp project to hit the streets! Click here to read!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Introducing the Haliburton Community Ramp Project!

Angela Andrews, a health promoter in Haliburton County, has started a community ramp project in Haliburton County! Last week Angela and her team of volunteers delivered their first two ramps to local businesses with a single stepped entry. Congratulations to you and your team Angela, we are so incredibly proud to learn about the successful launch of your project in Haliburton County! Enjoy the pictures below as well as this great article that appeared in the local Haliburton paper - check it out on page 7!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Danforth Community Ramp Project

July was a big month! It was a long time coming but we are proud to announce the successful delivery of 41 ramps that were a part of our Danforth Community Ramp Project. It was an incredible undertaking involving more than 30 volunteers and support from various organizations - but we did it! There are now 30 businesses along the Danforth between Broadview and Donlands, and 11 businesses along Queen Street between Broadview and Carlaw that have been made much easier to access regardless of ability. Volunteers helped canvas the neighbourhood in search of interested businesses, measured steps, rounded up food donations, constructed and painted ramps, and helped with ramp deliveries. All of these participating businesses received their ramp at no cost thanks to the volunteer efforts from the following people:

Martha and Sarah Miller - dynamic mother daughter duo and captains of green ramp painting division
Veronica Lukacs - inappropriate jokes dropper and master painter
Henna Tuohimaa - zen surveyor, ramp painter, ramp deliverer and rocket fuel provider
Tim and Rush the dog - head of advertising, cheerleading, and surveying
Natalie Rose - lead motivator, ramp painter, ramp deliverer
Jennifer Hiseler - rope handle sculptor and head food coordinator
Bill and Chris Anderson - veterans of 6 community ramp projects, lead support crew
Diane Aubie Sanborn - captain of blue ramp painting division
Kate Peters - captain of red ramp painting division
Melissa Fortune - ramp painting queen
Russell Winkelaar - stencil ninja
Bill Kealey and Max the dog - overseers of chaos
Zoey Onn - anti-slip treatment master
Feliz Tupe  - cinematographer and video editor extraordinaire

A special thanks to the following local businesses for their participation in what is one of our most successful community ramp projects yet:

The whole crew, partners, and friends from Greening Homes - returning to help us out on a second community ramp project these guys took on the construction of the ramps with a vengeance, 41 ramps in two days could never have been accomplished without the Greening Homes crew.

Dixon Hall and The Mill Centre - we are forever grateful for our partnership with Dixon Hall and their woodworking skills program that is run out of The Mill Centre, a fully outfitted woodworking shop on Carlaw just north of Queen. We look forward to the creation of many more ramps through both these skills program as well as projects like the recently completed Danforth project.

Canadian Tire Express on the Danforth - donation of rocker guard (protective paint applied to the ramp prior to finish painting).

Danforth Lumber - partial donation of all building materials.

Steam Whistle Brewery - donation of two cases of beer that were thoroughly enjoyed after each of the two big huge days of ramp building.

Lerners LLP - $5000 donation used partially to cover the cost of building materials and food.

Von Doughnuts - donation of delicious gourmet doughnuts to get the volunteers engines revving at the beginning of big build day number two.

The Meat Department - donation of award-winning ribs.

Si Espresso Bar - donation of tasty treats and coffee.

The Court Jester - donation of delicious chicken wings.

Henry's - donation of rental costs for the GoPro camera used to take time lapse footage of the entire two days of ramp building.

And here it is! This time lapse video is a compilation of photos taken over the course of the two-day ramp building extravaganza. Enjoy!